1. Any Leaks: Oil, Water & Hydraulic Fluid.
2. Oil, Coolant and Power Steering Fluid Level.
3. Fan Belts & Rubber hoses.
4. Alternator, Water pump and Air compressor.
5. Steering Box & Steering Linkage.
6. Batteries: Atleast once a week.
7. Front & Rear Suspension: Springs, Spring mount and Shock absorber.
8. Front & Rear Wheels: Rims, Hub Oil Seals, Tires and Lug nuts.
9. Front & Rear Brakes: Slack adjusters, Chambers, Hoses and Drums.
10. Remove water from front & rear Air tanks by bleeding.
11. Driver/Fuel Tank Area: Doors, Mirrors; Fuel tanks, leaks.
12. Tires, adequate tread wear and check between dual wheels.
13. Under Rear: Drive Shaft, Exhaust System & Frame.
14. Mirrors, Lights & Windshields are clean and not broken.
15. Seat and Mirror adjustments.
16. Clutch/Gear Shift and Accelerator.
17. Start Engine and Listen for any unusal noise.
18. Gauges: Oil pressure, Ammeter & Voltmeter.
19. Steering wheel play should be less than 3 inches.
20. Windshield Wipers, Heater & Defroster.
21. Horn (city and air horn) & Backup alarm.
22. Head lights: High & Low beam; Parking, Tail, Backup & Stoplights.
23. Other Lights: CAB, Turn signals and Flashers.
24. Brakes: Leak Alarm and Button.
25. Safety and Emergency Equipments:(reflector triangles, stocked first aid kit, extra fuses, Fire extinguishers & Date checked).