The list below is just about every 'CB'ism you will run across throughtout a variety of conversations, and it'll be helpful to know what they mean. Please keep in mind that if you jump on the air with a sentence full of slang words and phrases below you'll sound like an idiot.

  • Listen well before you speak, many parts of the country differ on their protocols and terminology.
  • Always be polite.
  • Minimize the slang when you talk to someone on the radio, use it like you would a telephone with one added restraint - don't use profanity.

Click here for APCO 10 codes for CB radio

ACE  Important CB'er
Apple  A CB addict
AF  Audio Frequency
After Burner  Linear Amp
Alamo city  San Antonio, TX
ALERT  Affiliated League of Emergency Radio Teams
All the good numbers  Best wishes.
Alligator  Tread from the tire of an 18 wheeler on the road.
Alligator Station, n  All mouth and no ears. A person who likes to hear himself.
ANL  Automatic noise limiter.
Ankle biter  Small child or annoying teenager.
Antenna Farm  Base station with many antennas strung up in the air
Antler Alley  Deer crossing
Appliance Operator  Non technical person who knows how to turn the rig on, and that's about it.
Ancient Mariner -AM  someone who uses AM
Astrodome City  Houston, TX
Aardvark,n.  a Kenworth T-600 (also known as an anteater).

B Town  Birmingham, AL
Baby Bear  Cop in training, or rookie
Back door  behind you or to the rear ("you got a bear about a mile back on your back door")
Back out I have finished talking and will now unkey. ("this is [name] and I'm back out")
Back quiet  I have finished my transmission and you may proceed when ready.
Back door closed  Rear of convoy covered for police.
Back'em up  Slow down
Backslide  Return trip
Bad scene  A crowded channel
Ballet Dance  A antenna that really sways
Bear  generic term for a law enforcement officer.
              - full blown bear,state trooper 
              - countie mountie, sheriff's deputy
              - city kitty,city police 
              - diesel cop/D.O.T. man, D.M.V. enforcement (these guys pull four wheelers too!)
Bearfoot  Using an unmodified CB transmitter
Bar city  Forrest City, AK
Base Station  Radio installed at a fixed location, house, etc.
Bay City  San Francisco, CA
Beast  A CB rig
Beam  Directional Antenna
Be Bop  Radio control signals
Bean House Bull  Trucker talk exchanged at truck stops, eyeball-to-eyeball.
Bean Bopper  Pillhead
Bean Town  Boston, MA
Bear Bait  Speeding car
Bear Cage  Police station or jail
Bear Cave  Police station or barracks
Bear Trap  Stationary police vehicle with radar
Beat the bushes  To drive ahead of the others and try to lure out the police
Beaver  Female
Beaver Bait  Money
Beaver Bear  Female Cop
Beaver Fever  A CBer who misses his girlfriend or wife
Beaver Palace  Niteclub, Singles bar
Beaver Patrol  On the hunt for a women
Beaver Trap  Sharp looking rig with custom interior
Beer Bust   Party
Beer Tone  An intermittent tone signal
Beer City  Milwaukee
Benton Harbor Lunch Box  HealthKit CB-1
Big A  Amarillo, TX
Big Charlie  FCC
Big Daddy  The FCC
Big D  Dallas, TX
Big M  Memphis, TN
Big Mack  Mack Truck
Big Mama  9 foot whip antenna.
Big R  Trucks running for Roadway Freight
Big Rig  could mean "18 Wheeler" or "Fancy, expensive radio"
Big Slab  Expressway / Freeway
Big T  Tucson, AZ
Bikini State  Florida
Big road  a major highway (I40,I85,I95, etc.)
Big Truck, n.  an 18 wheeler. More specifically, a long nose - cab over - all dudded up diesel truck.
Bit on the seat of the britches  Got tagged for a speeding ticket.
Black'n White  Cop
Black'n White CBer  Cop with CB in his car
Bleeding/Bleedover  Strong signals from a station on another channel, interfering with your reception.
Blessed Event  A new CB rig
Blew my doors off  Pass by me with great speed, sometimes referenced to loud or strong signal.
Bird Dog  a radar detector
BobTail  a cab with no trailer attached.
Break/Breaker  request to use a busy channel (i.e."break 19 for a radio check")
Blowing Smoke  Loud signal
Blue Slip  Ticket
Boast Toastie  A CB expert
Boat Anchor  Either an old tube rig or radio that is unrepairable.
Bodacious  Awesome
Bootlegger  Running illegal station
Boy Scouts  The State Police
Box  Tractor Trailer or Linear Amplifier
Bring it back  Answer back
Bring yourself on it  request to move into the right lane.
Brown paper bag  Unmarked Police car
Brush your teeth and comb your hair  Radar trap ahead.
BTO  Big Time Operator
Bubble gum machine  Flashing lights on top of car.
Bucket Mouth  Loud mouth, or someone who uses a lot of profanity.
Bucket of bolts  Eighteen wheeler.
Buckeye State  Ohio
Bug Out  To leave a channel
Bumper Lane  Passing lane
Button Pusher  Another CBer who is trying to breakup your communication with another station by keying his microphone, playing sounds, etc.
Bubba  a not-so-formal version of good neighbor
Bull city, n.  Durham, NC

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