Women Truckers

"Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." ~Charlotte Whitton

The first licensed women truck driver was Lillie Elizabeth Drennan, who received her commercial truck driver's license in 1929. Recent statistics show that nearly 200,000 women make truck driving their career in the USA. Another statistic taken in the year 2000 shows that women made up to 4.7% of the driving force amoung truckers. Yet the road has not been smooth for women truckers.

As with most industries nowadays, the trucking industry also has its fair share of women drivers. Though traditionally a male dominated industry, economic necessities have caused thousands of women to brave the challenges of the road and join the trucking industry. Their concern is not much different from their male colleagues. They also want safety, good working conditions, a lucrative package ($$$) and reasonable schedule.

Since women are still minority, they are more cautious to keep their records straight (try using free "Truck Driver's Daily Log" ), mostly they have good job record and better attitude.

Women Truckers face lots of challenges and frustrations, but they just hang on and make their presence felt. Our site salutes them.

Some special safety rules for all the brave ladies.

Never compromise on safety: Do your inspections, safety checks and load securement.

You are a professional first: Always carry yourself with respect and confidence. You are more capable and brave than others and that's why you are here, alone in the road.

Emergency handling: Avoid telling others that you are alone. In case of emergency contact your company's repair shop first, then other emergency handling personnel. Never involve strangers.

Do not take an unknown route:At times to shorten long trips, you may be coaxed to take a shorter back road. Better avoid that.

Always plan your trips: Plan your trips before-hand. Check your vehicles tires and other equipments. Carry road maps, cell phones and a laptop computer.

Succeed in life: You are the pioneer, you are paving the way for next generation girls to join this industry. You are giving this industry your sincere effort. So succeed for the sake of both the coming generation, and the truck industry.

Health: Be healthy, eat healthy. If you have any medical questions, ask a doctor for free.